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American Whiskey 101

American Whiskey 101

American whiskey has many faces. Bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Rye and Corn spirits come in all flavor profiles and price points. What they all have in common is a rich history and a dominance in the brown spirit market.

The first serious distilling efforts in the country go back to 1791 in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Scotch and Irish immigrants, yearned for the good old drams from back home and began distilling rye.

The business thrived, and the government tried to get some taxes from it. This led to the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’ that led distillers to run to Tennessee and Kentucky to continue honoring their craft. In their new home, distillers discovered fantastic oak trees to make barrels and plentiful, sweet corn that would give birth to bourbon.

Slowly but surely, different American whiskey styles were developed, and the drink gained the American people’s heart.

In 1922 the noble experiment of Prohibition single handedly brought the industry to a full stop, and distillers had to run, once again, this time to the mountains to craft illegal moonshine.

After the big wars, American whiskey regained its place as the country’s favorite spirit, and it hasn’t stopped growing since then.

American whiskey must be made from mash comprising at least 51% rye, wheat or corn, and depending on the style; they must spend some time in barrels too. The category is immensely diverse, meaning there’s an American whiskey to please every palate. What’s your favorite honeyed malt?

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