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Barrell Whiskey - American Vatted Malt

Barrell Whiskey - American Vatted Malt

Barrel Whiskey - American Vatted Malt

November 20, 2019 - Bottle 742
Cask Strength - 117.5 Proof
Barrell Whiskey has a reputation for putting out many delicious blends and batches of those blends. They also offer a few single barrel expressions but tend to specialize in blending. The Scots term "vatted" is the equivalent to the american word, "blended". The minimum age stated whiskey in this blend is 2 years. The process of creating so many unique blends and variations of those blends is incredible. The amount of time and dedication is unfathomable. It is an art and the fine folks at Barrell have perfected that art. This particular expression reminds me of a beautiful blended Scotch and all it is missing is a fine cigar to pair.

Nose: Immediate peaty smoke and malted barley. The peat holds true and doesn't give way to much more on the nose.

Palate: Plentiful raisins and nuttiness. Toasted, smokey malt shines throughout. The back end gives way to hints of tobacco and some light oak.

Finish: A very long linger with a full peated coating.

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