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Makers Mark Cask Strength Review

Makers Mark Cask Strength Review

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength
Batch 20-01
110.1 Proof

Maker's Mark is always a bottle you can't miss on a shelf. The iconic dipped red wax serves as almost a beacon as well as a staple.

With each bottle hand-dipped, the effort and dedication to this product is evident. The soft red winter wheat in the mash provides a special sweetness to each offering from this storied Distillery out of Loretto, Kentucky.

Whether you are a seasoned bourbon drinker or just a casual cocktail lover, this Cask Strength has exactly what you're looking for. Originally released in 2014, its popularity has kept this in production and in home bars everywhere.

Nose: Immediate notes of Cinnamon, Brown Sugar and Vanilla. A wonderful sweetness shows up once swirled.

Palate: Surprisingly, the heat does not hit up front. Baking Spices, Molasses and Caramel give way to a night by the campfire with Graham Crackers and Chocolate. The heat begins to show up as the sweetness fades.

Finish: A slight burn with a medium linger and an excellent mouthfeel.

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