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Sagamore Spirit Distiller's Select - Manhattan Finish

Sagamore Spirit Distiller's Select - Manhattan Finish

Sagamore Distiller's Select - Manhattan Finish

Batch 1B / Bottle 2475
103 Proof
Sagamore Spirit hit the whiskey scene in 2017. They are currently awaiting their first barrels to mature. In the meantime, Sagamore is sourcing their whiskey from Indiana which is not an uncommon practice for newer distilleries to begin their process. The result of the sourced juice is delicious to say the least. This particular expression has some unique cask finishes. If you are a fan of Manhattan cocktails, this one will be worth a try. Aged between 4-5 years and then finished in the Vermouth, Bitters and Cherry Brandy Barrels this offering hits all the right notes of complexity and full flavor.

Nose: Hot Cherry hits straightforward. Citrus from the Bitters takes over and leads to Baking Spices.

Palate: Rye Spices set the tone with hints of Vanilla and tons of Cherry. The Nose of citrus stays true with the Palate as well. Let's call it a twist of orange peel in your glass. Drys out a touch leading to the finish.

Finish: Very pleasant with a light throat coating and a nice linger.

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