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  • Thomas Tew Single Barrel - The Whiskey Dealer

    Thomas Tew Single Barrel


    Taste the spice, oak, and bold blackstrap molasses notes in this exceptional spirit and enjoy knowing that you’ve found a rum like no other. Aged 3...

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  • Thomas Tew Reserve - The Whiskey Dealer

    Thomas Tew Reserve


    Bottled in Bond, sipping rum, aged 7-10 years. Slowly made in the pot-still with blackstrap molasses to replicate the way rum was produced in Newpo...

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  • Sea Fog Single Malt Whiskey - The Whiskey Dealer

    Sea Fog Single Malt Whiskey


    A rare limited release, this American single malt whiskey exudes peat, smoke, vanilla, caramel and oak. It’s a unique blend of a 7-year and 8-year ...

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  • Newport Craft Distilling Vodka - The Whiskey Dealer

    Newport Craft Distilling Vodka


    This spirit is distilled from cane and is clean, smooth, and ready to meet you! 40% ABV 750 ML

  • Newport Craft Distilling Gin - The Whiskey Dealer

    Newport Craft Distilling Gin


    This dry style gin is derived from cane spirits off of our stills and infused with over ten different botanicals including local juniper berries &a...

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  • Acrimony American Amaro - The Whiskey Dealer

    Acrimony American Amaro


    11 different botanicals including galaxy hops & 3 different citrus components. By design, Acrimony is drier and more bitter than a typical Amar...

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