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Vodka can be made from just about any starch or sugar. So when we started developing our vodka, we immediately thought about ingredients that grew locally and could produce the taste and mouthfeel we were looking for. Corn had a nice connection to both New England and our family farm, where it’s grown in abundance as cattle feed.

We use an eighteen plate still to create a spirit with a perfectly balanced mouth feel. It’s silkiness also features a little bit of heat, which any honest vodka drinker will tell you is essential. Of course with vodka, filtration is critical. To help remove any impurities or inconsistencies, we created an extensive filtration process that uses in excess of 50 pounds of activated carbon, a phenomenal medium for purifying liquid. For every batch we produce it takes 48 hours to filter 270 gallons. That extra bit of filtration really helps give it a smooth, clean finish.