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Paquera 80% Espadin 20% Barril

Produced by a CO-OP in San Miguel Ejutla, Paquera Mezcal was created from a methodology perfected over generations of dedicated family artisans. Our love for Mezcal has only deepened upon being exposed to its unique production process and rich culture.

Serve neat in a Copita or made in cocktail form, Paquera doesn't overwhelm you with smoke but eases you into its smoothness. It can be regarded as “the most approachable mezcal in the market”. Balanced and full from the start and finishes buttery. It's to be enjoyed in social settings, either celebratory or with the people you love.

Awards & Accolades
• 2019 - Gold / 93 points, Tasting Panel Magazine

Production Details:
TYPE: 100% Certified Artisanal Mezcal
HEAD MEZCALERO: Francisco Javier
ABV: 42.5% (85 Proof)
ORGIN: San Miguel Ejutla
HARVEST: 7 Yr Espadin Agave/ 10 Yr Barril Agave
OVEN: Conical Earthen Oven
MILL: Stone Mill
FERMENTATION: Awewete Wood Barrel

Tasting Notes:
“Spicy but restrained nose; silky and elegant with balanced, stylish flavors and considerable finesse and breeding, crip, and long.”