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Rough Rider Rye Whisky Cask Strength The Big Stick

Following The Harvest Of Long Island’s Iconic Potatoes, Locally Harvested Winter Rye Is The Cover-Crop Planted On Surrounding Farmlands To Maintain The Sustainable Characteristics In The Soils. Rye Is A Deep-Rooted Grain, The Farmers Refer To It As A Cleansing Grain, So It Is A Very Terroir Dependent. Surrounded By Over 70 Vineyards, Long Island Rye’S Tend To Have A Spicy Sweetness To Them. The Big Stick Is Bottled At 121 Proof Cask Strength And It Is A Remarkable Rye That Reveals The True Raw Spirit Of This Locally Planted Rye. This Small-Batch Whisky Incorporates The Use Of Champagne Yeast, Which Allows For A 12-Day Low-Slow Fermentation That Is 4-Times Longer Than Your Typical Rye. It’S An Impressive Amount Of Esters And Florals Offer More Flavor Than Heat.