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Swamp Fox Distilling Kettle Creek Malt Whiskey


Kettle Creek is an American spin on a traditional malt whiskey and comes with an ode of allied spirit to our friends overseas. This whiskey is named after The Battle of Kettle Creek, a Revolutionary War victory secured by the Georgia Militia and was crucial in deciding the fate of Savannah during the war. British and Patriots alike gave their lives during the clash and it is to them that we raise a glass and toast the peace of friendship.

Using a specially selected blend of malt, wheat, and rye, Kettle Creek broaches the palate swiftly with nutty notes of cereal and sweet honey. The middle becomes an adventure of simple grains and the surprise ending comes with a distinguished taste of cinnamon and other robust spices. This malt whiskey is outstanding on its own, but it also holds its ground in a number of specialty cocktails. As with all of our premium spirits, Kettle Creek is handcrafted and distilled in small batches.