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Swamp Fox Kings Town Rye


King’s Town refers to the local history (legend) of a Native American village called King’s Town existing on or near the site of the distillery before the City of Buena Vista was established. This group of Creek, Uchee, and Muscogee Native Americans settled the area, attracted by the fertile soil of the Chattahoochee River basin and the high ground of the current town center. King’s Town was once used as a meeting place for tribal chiefs, who were often called “Kings”.

“King’s Town Rye” is a proprietor’s blend of four grains: rye, barley, wheat, and corn dealt at 100 proof. Aromas of butterscotch, charred maple, and sweet leather prelude flavors of spiked Autumn syrup complete with earthy notes and a gradual unveiling of allspice. Like all Swamp Fox Spirits, King’s Town is handcrafted in small batches to ensure that our standard for premium quality, distinction, and the flavor is met.