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The essence of the 500-year tradition of rakı is grapes. The first stage of rakı production is inclusion of the unfermented grape juice, obtained from grapes, with yeast, resulting in alcohol fermentation. The resultant mash is distilled, and ethanol is obtained. This alcohol, used in rakı production, is called as suma. Aniseed (Pimpinella Anisum), an indispensable ingredient of rakı, is one of the strong cultural, botanical and gastronomical symbols of the Mediterranean. It gives a unique flavor to rakı thanks to its original aroma. The harvest time of aniseed (Pimpinella Anisum) is an annual plant that can rise up to 1-1.5 m in length and requires a lot of sun. The harvest period is around July-August. After harvesting, the seed are seperated dried and made ready for use. Rakı is a distinct category with production process specific to itself, in Turkey. Rakı is produced with suma redistilled, either alone or mixed with ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with aniseed grown in Turkey - Pimpinella Anisum - in traditional copper alembics having a filling volume of 5.000 liters or smaller. Distillation distinguishes rakı from other aniseed-flavored spirits, enabling it to have its unique taste.